Furdenheim (France), August 2001

With the set-dance group from Strasbourg, Christine Karo from Bern and An Tor from the metropolitan area Rüsselsheim - Frankfurt we presented ourselves at the village festival of Furdenheim both on Saturday and on Sunday four hours each with a common program. Several farms in Furdenheim participated in the festival in which they placed their farm under a particular theme - in our case Ireland and Irish culture

Below you'll find some photos of our program.

Christine Karo in quilting - accompanied by An Tor

An Tor during her concert Parts

Siggi und Elke, Fiddles of An Tor

The dancers will also have fun when they are not dancing.

Sixth figure Caledonian Set

Second figure Clare Lancers Set

Turn the Lady - second figure Clare Lancers Set

still second figure Clare Lancers Set

... and again ...

Yes! We love this figure.

But now! Third figure Melleray Lancers Set.

... and finally: Waltz Cotillion

again Waltz Cotillion

All chain - still Waltz Cotillion.