Worth Knowing

What is Setdancing

Set dancing is a form of social dancing which has been popular in Ireland for over 150 years.

Sets are danced by four couples in a square, and usually consist of three to six figures with a short pause between each.

They are descended from the French quadrilles, which were brought to Ireland by the British army in the nineteenth century. Irish dancers adapted the figures to their own music and steps to form dances with great drive and enjoyment.

Today Irish set dancing is popular all over Europe, in the US, Australia and even Japan.

Absolute beginners are welcome. Irish set dancing is suitable for all age groups with single dancers and dancers with partners. Dancers should wear comfortable clothing and shoes with smooth soles.

A detailed description of Setdance offers Bill Lynch in his article "The Joy of Sets": www.setdancingnews.net/news/setintro.lp

Setdancing Glossary

A pretty good explanation of terms used in Setdancing its place setdanceteacher.ie/GLOSSARY.HTM

Name of Sets

Some sets are known by various names. Here is a list of these sets.

Name of set
(as used by Pat Murphy)
Other names of set
Auban Ginny Ling, Jenny Lind (a variation)
Baile Bhúirne Jig Ballyvourney Jig, Baile Mhúirne Jig
Baile Bhúirne Reel Ballyvourney Reel, Cuil Aodha
Ballingeary Jig Béal Áth nGhaoraidh Jig
Castle Cashel
Frères Nantais Frères Nantes, Foraer a Neaintin, Connemara Jig
Jenny Lind Jenny Ling
Kilkenny Lancers Slate Quarry Lancers
Mazurka Meserks
Melleray Lancers Waterford Lancers
South Kerry Uibh Rathach
Televara Taille Mhara Jig
Victoria Jig Victora
West Kerry Corca Dhuibhne